About Us

Who we are

Hello everyone! HackMeGame is a place founded by two computer science students, Harish and Arun, who decided to devote their gaming and programming passions into creating hacks/cheats applications which will help people around the world to easily play and finish their favorite game(s).
We decided to run this project  to develop and train our programming skills which will help us to expand our experience in technology and computer science what we will later use in our real jobs at this field.  Also, we enjoy to help people, what is the second reason of running this website.

Avatar Harish – 27 year old computer enthusiast, programmer and game lover. Spent all his childhood playing video  games and now using his experience and coding knowledge into creating addons, patches, cheats and generators for all kind of games and applications. He’s also highly skilled at web development and security, so his main role at HackMeGame is mostly coding and maintaining the site and projects safe.

Avatar Arun – 26, Harish’s colleague and big friend. Big gaming passionate too! All visually material what you can see at this site and also in applications interfaces is his work. Talented graphic & web designer and skilled writer, his work is  to make everything to look user-friendly and appealing. Apart from design, he works with Harish on programming projects when there is big work required.

We enjoy helping the gaming community around the world! Need some hack tool which isn’t shared on our site yet? No problem! Contact us at our contact page and we will gladly work on it and include it in our hacks/cheats collection!

Enjoy and best success using our applications!

– HackMeGame team